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Have an incomplete Study Permit or PGWP Application?

Not able to submit requested documents for a study permit or post-graduate work permit application?
Permit expiring soon but you can’t submit your file because it is incomplete?
Well, the Government of Canada has waived some regulations off and offered some flexibility to such cases. Since the COVID-19 has forced many application centers to close or limit operations, few applications are unable to process due to: giving biometrics, medical examination, submitting original travel documents. Respecting this, IRCC says that the applications will not be refused and will be kept open until they receive the documents or provide proof that an action has been taken irrespective of the document deadline. Moreover, the temporary measure also extends to Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) applicants who are unable to get a letter of completion, or final transcript from their institute. Apart from this, a student can start working full-time as soon as they have filled for PGWP provided their study permit is/was valid at the time of PGWP submission. IRCC is also allowing applicants to restore their status without the letter of completion or final transcript. But the applicants who are restoring their status are still not allowed to work while the application is processing.