About us

We can help you with your Immigration to Canada either temporarily or permanently!

At Axis Immigration, we specialize in providing various immigration services to individuals willing to stay in Canada. Whether you want to work or study in Canada, we will help you overcome all the immigration challenges efficiently. With us, you can rest assured that all your immigration needs will be met without any hassle. Our immigration experts in Edmonton are committed to your success. So far, we have helped hundreds of individuals settling in Canada. We take great pride in providing dynamic solutions to the people so that they can land in Canada with ease, without any problem.

Who We Are:

At AXIS IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS, we believe having a team of experienced consultants is better than going solo. Our Immigration Consultants and employees are committed to supporting all clients, and we trust in providing reliable, affordable, and high-quality immigration services. For years, our clients have been with our company. Our service and dedication, and willingness to expand have helped to get us loyalty, confidence, and support from many families, businesses, etc.

Our Immigration Consultants:

For Canadian immigration and visa-related queries, call our experts today!

Our Mission

Our professionals at Axis Immigration work in partnership with the individuals to help them settle and become Canadian society members. We can go the extra mile to assist our clients in the best possible way.

Our Vision

We want to become the most sought-after immigration company in Canada that is dedicated to assisting people in the fields of immigration, resettlement, and integration. Our result-driven solutions will never disappoint you; we promise.


    Why Choose Axis Immigration?

    We are your one-stop shop for all your Canadian immigration needs. Be it permanent or temporary visa requirements, we will be with you in every step of the immigration and visa application process. We ensure that our clients get success, and for this, we utilize our sources and expertise. Our professionals stay up to date on the latest immigration rules and regulations to guide people in the best possible way. Our knowledge and commitment to professionalism ensure that you get exactly what you expected from us.

    We value in and believe:

    • Promoting such environment that improves self-esteem and respect for all.
    • That every individual is unique and valuable.
    • We all are responsible for building a healthy community.
    • In constant attention and support to the clients to build long-lasting relationship.
    • In ethical practices.
    • In modernism and creativity.

    Putting Immigrants First

    The individual who walks through our doors, with their rich and diverse backgrounds and experiences are those incredible people who are willing to enrich Canada. Our professionals listen to them and their needs and determine the best possible ways to help them be a part of the Canadian community. With years of experience now, we are well-versed with the challenges of settling in a new country. That’s why we work together with the people helping them understand the full potential of their lives in Canada.

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