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British Columbia is well-known as a prime immigration destination for all professionals wanting to move to Canada. The province has a very diverse economy and much of it is centred around the industrial sector. That is why many engineers and professionals from industrial specializations prefer to move to British Columbia.

Another major reason for this interest is that British Columbia offers many job opportunities to professionals with the right skills and experience. Further, the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program or BCPNP offers multiple immigration pathways to applicants. Currently, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals in British Columbia and so, the immigration opportunities are many.

However, this also means there is a lot of competition. Getting selected for BCPNP is not so easy because professionals from all over the world are applying for it. The best way to ensure your selection is by taking the professional Canada immigration consultancy services of experts. This is where we come into the picture.

How Can Talent Connected Worldwide Help You Immigrate to British Columbia?

Talent Connected Worldwide is a reputed Canada immigration consultancy. We offer superb immigration services and can help you get selected for Canada PR in the shortest time. But before we explain how we have achieved our eminent status among immigration consultancies in India, let us tell you about BCPNP itself. Read on to know the immigration pathways offered by British Columbia, the eligibility criteria and how you can apply.

What Are the Main immigration Pathways Offered by BCPNP?

Broadly speaking, British Columbia offers two major types of immigration pathways through its PNP system. The first and most popular is for skilled workers and the second one is for entrepreneurs. Here is a breakdown for the sub-streams in each of these.

Skills Immigration

  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Health Care Professional Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • International Post Graduate Category
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category

Entrepreneur Immigration

  • Entrepreneur Category
  • Strategic Projects Category

For Indians, the most popular and successful immigration stream is through the skilled worker category. The second most popular immigration stream is for healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses and palliative caregivers.

The process is strict but simple and this directly leads to a lot of competition. So, only those applications with a particularly high score or proper guidance from reputed Canada immigration consultancies get selected. This is where Talent Connected Worldwide is one of the best.

But before we tell you about ourselves and our world-class Canada immigration consultancy services, let tell you about the BCPNP eligibility criterion and how to apply through it.

What Are the Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Immigration Application to BCPNP?

British Columbia has fairly relaxed eligibility criteria as compared to some other provinces like Ontario. Nevertheless, you need to meet the minimum requirement to be able to qualify.

Also, remember that each stream has its own eligibility requirements which are based on the specific job the applicant will be doing in the province. Below, we are mentioning the eligibility requirements of the eligibility requirements of the two most popular immigration streams.

Skilled Worker Category


  • All applicants through this stream need to provide a valid offer letter from a registered British Columbia employer.
  • All applicants need to have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience. They also need to have documents to show the same.
  • All applicants must be capable of performing their job-related tasks easily and should provide ample proof of the same to their employer.
  • All applicants must be legally capable of immigrating to British Columbia. This means they need to show that they are legal citizens of their native country and fulfill the requirements.
  • All applicants whose job falls into the NOC B category need to have the required language skills to work successfully.

Healthcare Professionals

  • All applicants through this stream need to have and be able to show a letter of job offer given by a public health authority like:
  • Physician
  • Specialist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • An Allied Health Professional
  • Able to show he/she can support oneself.
  • They must have the language ability score necessary to work successfully in British Columbia.
  • Their salary needs to be according to the standard wages rate card of British Columbia
  • They must have at least 2 years of continuous work experience in the job they have applied for in British Columbia.

So, that was a general overview of the eligibility requirements for applying for immigration to BCPNP. Now, let us tell you how to apply. However, we highly recommend you speak to our Canada immigration experts to know your specific application requirements.

How Can I Apply for BCPNP?

There are basically two ways you can apply for a BCPNP nomination. The first is through Express Entry while the second is through the official British Columbia PNP website. Here is how you need to apply through each.

Express Entry

Go to the CIC website and fill out the Express Entry profile creation form. You will need to provide details like age, language ability, educational qualifications, work experience, adaptability etc. Make sure the information you provide can be validated through the right documents. When creating the profile, you will be asked which Canadian province you want to move to. Mention British Columbia there. This will notify the BC immigration office of your application and start its processing. Once your profile is approved, it will be entered into the Express Entry job pool. Use this pool to find a suitable job for yourself and increase your immigration chances.

BCPNP Website

Go to the BCPNP website and follow the same process as in Express Entry. You will again need to provide personal details and documents for the same. Note that the BCPNP evaluation can take between 4 to 6 months. Since Canada is issuing many Invitations to Apply right now, applying as soon as possible is the best thing.

As you can see, the BCPNP application process is simple yet very strict on the process. Any wrong documents or info will result in rejection. So, you should get professional Canada immigration help from us at Talent Connected Worldwide. Let us now tell you how we can help you get the BCPNP nomination.

How Does Talent Connected Worldwide Maximize Canada Immigration Chances?

Talent Connected Worldwide has a very sophisticated working process which is the central pillar to our continued success. This process has been designed by Canada immigration veterans with thorough knowledge of the immigration system. Here is a step-wise process:

  1. The first step begins with an initial consult. Here, we ask the client for their relevant documents and an evaluation fee. This fee is refunded if we feel we cannot help the client immigrate after document evaluation.
  2. In the next step, we undertake a detailed evaluation of the client’s documents and create an accurate CRS score. This score allows us to determine how quickly the client can immigrate and how we can help them do that.
  3. After the evaluation, we have a detailed consultation session where we explain all relevant matters to the client. We also give them a well-defined immigration application plan which will maximize their immigration chances. If the client agrees, we create legal contracts and all parties sign them. Along with that, we also ask for the remainder of the consultation fee.
  4. Once the remaining fee has been given, we start our work. We create the Express Entry and BCPNP profiles and notify our clients on all activities relevant to their Canada immigration application. We also use our extensive Canada job market connections to secure a well-paying job for our clients. Mostly our clients get their PNP nomination within 5 months.
  5. When the Express Entry Draws are held, we inform our clients of their ITA or Invitation to Apply. Then, we help them apply for a Canada PR visa and once they get it, we help them secure all the right documents to finally help them immigrate officially.

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