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Manitoba is a popular province for immigration in Canada. It has a very good provincial economy and offers many job opportunities for immigrants. Manitoba is one of the easier provinces to immigrate to. Its immigration requirement criterion is lower than the national average. That is why it is regularly applied to by Indian Canada immigration applicants.

The Manitoba PNP is also well-known for being concise and definitive. There are just three immigration streams and each of these has its own unique immigration interest. Manitoba PNP or MPNP is also popular because it has a wide OID or Occupation in-demand aspect which does not require you to have a job offer in order to apply.

If you want to move to Canada quickly and do not have a particular high CRS score, a Manitoba PNP nomination might help you do just that. However, before you go applying on your own, it is very important to know the process.

Even though MPNP is easy to apply for, it is highly recommended that you make the application through a reputed Canada immigration consultancy. This is where we at Talent Connected Worldwide can help you. But before we tell you how we can help you move to Manitoba, let us give you an overview of the application process itself.


Manitoba is a province which is very community-driven. It has a very diverse culture comprising of immigrants from all over the world. Keeping in line with the family reunifying approach of Canada in recent times, Manitoba has created a separate stream for such applicants as well.

However, the most popular immigration pathway remains the Skilled Worker category. This immigration steam work just like any other profession-based category. There is a set criterion for qualifying for immigration through this category. You need to get the minimum score and if you do, you will get a PNP nomination and be able to move to Manitoba.

So, the three immigration streams in MPNP are:

  1. Skilled Worker Stream
  2. Business Immigration Stream
  3. Modern Community-Driven Immigration Initiative

Now, depending upon your particular immigration requirement, you will need to select the right program. By far, the easiest way to get an MPNP nomination is through the skilled worker category. Now, let us tell you the minimum eligibility requirement

What Are the Minimum Requirements for MPNP Application through the Skilled Worker Category?
The Manitoba PNP skilled worker category has a similar structure and assessment format for all applications. There are many factors involved in confirming an immigration. These usually involve jobs offers, labor market assessments etc.

However, everything begins with you making the MPNP immigration profile. You will need to go to the MPNP website and fill out the form. There, you will need to fill in details like age, education, work experience, language ability etc. Each of these factors carries a score and you need to qualify in each of these to be considered for nomination.

Here are the eligibility requirements for MPNP:

  1. You will need to score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 to be considered for immigration.
  2. You will need to score at least a 4.5 IELTS score across all 4 bands. Further, you score should not be older than 2 years at the time of nomination.
  3. You should be able to show at least 2 years of professional working experience in your line of work.
  4. You should be able to provide Manitoba immigration offices with a complete Settlement Plan and show your interest in living in Manitoba.
  5. You can show your connection to Manitoba through a relative or friend. They can also sponsor you but will need to provide evidence of the relationship through correct documentation.

Okay, now you know the basic eligibility criterion for MPNP nomination. It is important to understand that documentation is key to your selection. So, you need to get the right documents together before making your application. There many cases where people’s application has been stalled or even rejected because of lack of proper documentation.

That is why it is a wise move to let Canada immigration consultants at Talent Connected Worldwide handle your case. They will take care of all aspects of immigration and ensure you can get selected at the earliest. Now, let us tell you the immigration application process itself.


There are two ways through which you can apply for MPNP nomination. The first one will be through the Express Entry program. So, when you are making your profile online, you will see a particular place which asks if you have an interest in moving to a specific province. There, you need to mention that you want to move to Manitoba. This will then directly give Manitoba immigration authorities your details and enter your profile into the province’s immigration pool.

The second one will require you to visit the MPNP website and create another profile for immigration. This process is almost identical to the process for creating an Express Entry profile. Once you make the profile and submit all the documents, it will be assessed and you will be given a score which will be used for giving you the nomination. If your score is among the better ones, then you can get a nomination. This will give 600 points to your CRS score and effectively guarantee your selection in the next Express Entry Draw.

The Express Entry process is important but it can also take some time. So, it is best to apply for MPNP separately. The average time taken for assessment is 4 to 5 months. If your profile has the right score, then this can speed up your selection process.

So, that was a general overview of the immigration application process for Manitoba from both provincial and federal national levels. You can see that there are many factors involved here and if you are a working professional, then you probably do not have the time to deal with all of this.

That is why it is best to leave your immigration application to professionals. We at Talent Connected Worldwide are among the best Canada immigration consultancies in India. Let us tell you how we work so you can see how we will make your Canada immigration dream come true.


Axis immigration is a leading Canada immigration agency in India. We offer a very realistic and professional working process that ensures your time and money are put to best use.
Let us walk you through our process:

  1. In the first step, we have a basic consultation with our clients. We ask them where they want to move, what is their immigration plan or expectation etc. In addition, we ask them for the relevant documents and an evaluation fee which will be refunded in case we feel we cannot help them immigrate.
  2. The next step involves processing documents. Our team of experienced Canada immigration consultants look at all your eligibility factors and create a CRS score as well as MPNP assessment score. This process can take up to a week and will tell you how likely you are to get nominated.
  3. After document evaluation, we will undertake a detailed consultation with the client. We will tell them the results from our evaluation and provide a detailed immigration plan for them. If the client agrees, we will create legal contracts and have them signed by all parties. The contract will also contain the exact sum of the consultation fee.
  4. Once the remainder of the consultation fee has been submitted, we will quickly create the Express Entry and MPNP immigration profile for the client. In addition, we will look at the job market and suggest job opportunities to the client in case they would like that. Usually, our clients are able to get MPNP nomination within 8 to 10 months from application.
  5. Once the client gets the nomination they are guaranteed an Invitation to Apply in the next Express Entry Draw. We ensure they know the entire process after that and have all the documents ready. Once they get the ITA, we help them apply for the Canada PR visa and complete all the formalities before immigrating.

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