Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program

Are you planning to get a PR in Canada? If so, the provincial nominee is a fast track option that helps the immigrants to get their hands on Canadian permanent residence. The PNP or the Provincial Nominee Program allows Canadian territories and provinces to nominate individuals who are interested in immigrating or want to settle in Canada.

Each Canadian province has its own inimitable Provincial Nominee Programs often known as a stream. For instance; in a program stream, territories and provinces may target skilled workers, students, business people or even semi-skilled workers. Since January 2015 many Canadian territories and provinces have launched their Express Entry Streams.

Provincial Nominees Program

Are you Eligible? Check Your Eligibility

There are some eligibility requirements and guidelines for nomination laid down by each territory and different provinces which can change without prior notice. Therefore, always keep a track of the important information by visiting the website and know more about the latest news and information.

  • Nomination under non-express entry stream

If you are nominated under the non-express entry stream, you need to work out through the paper-based process. Moreover, if the territory finds you entitled and recommends you, you will be required to send a request to the immigration consultants.

  • Nomination under a territory express entry stream

You need to meet their requirement and the minimum criteria for express entry. This includes staying in sync with the requirements of at least one of the programs.

Apply for the PNP

In order apply for the Provincial Nominee Program, you must:

  • Be nominated by the territory or that specific province
  • Apply to the territory for the nomination
  • Apply to AXIS Immigration Consultants to get a PR

Under this system, you will need to complete the profile and show that you meet all the minimum criteria set for the express entry.

The Processing Time

If you are applying for Provincial Nominee Program through the express entry streams, a large portion of the permanent residence applications are generally processed in 6 months or less time span.

After You Apply

After you have applied, AXIS immigration consultants will verify that you meet all the requirements laid down by the country. You will be verified based on the following aspects, as whether or not you:

  • Have filled out the application correctly for permanent residence
  • Have paid the processing fee – which is an important step
  • Meet the education and language requirements laid down by the country’s law
  • Have submitted all the important and relevant documents

If you have not submitted your application truthfully, there are high chances that:

  • You could be found inadmissible
  • Your application for immigration can be refused by the authority
  • You could be barred from applying for permanent resident status for up to five years

Therefore, if you wish to travel to your dream destination Canada, it is important that you choose the right and truthful way to fill in all the details. As in a case, you are rejected visa for first time, it becomes difficult to get a visa again.

Feel free to contact us for more information on immigration to Canada through Provincial Nominee Program or call us at 780-200-2755 to learn more about the Canadian immigration options.

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