Youth Mobility Program

Youth Mobility Program

In order to encourage mobility and exchanges of youth, to enhance excellence of post-secondary institutions and non-governmental organisations and to strengthen competitiveness of businesses, the Republic of Slovenia and Canada have established a Youth Mobility Program.

In terms of qualifications every country is different but a few fundamentals remain the same throughout the program. Depending on the country involved, you may need to:

  • Carry out your expenses for travel, food and accommodation
  • You will have to find your own job in the country that you plan to visit
  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Must carry a valid passport
  • Get a work permit from the country that you want to visit
  • Prove that you have enough finances to support yourself, a return ticket, medical or any liability insurance
  • Should have no criminal record
  • Be a student or recent graduate
  • Report your location to authorities

Point to note: The age of eligibility, length of the visa, and ability to renew the visa will vary from country to country.

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