Axis Immigration Consultant

New Updates on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Alberta

Further to an update at the end of last month, the Government of Canada has elaborated and provided more information about the changes in regards to the temporary foreign worker program. As of November 01, 2020 Alberta would not process most positions (unless they are listed as exempt occupations under the Alberta Refusal to Process List or if the application is otherwise exempted)
Earlier the Refusal to process list included certain positions in the following sectors:
  • Accommodation, food services and retail trade sectors,
  • Low-wage positions above the current cap,
  • In-home caregiver positions where there is a live-in requirement or
  • Any position if you have had a Labour Market Impact Assessment revoked in the past 2 years.

However, now, the province of Alberta would not process most of the applications under the Low-Wage and High-Wage Streams. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all new and pending LMIAs for positions in Alberta must be on the list of exempt occupations to be eligible for processing otherwise, it will be refused until further notice.

However, Alberta will still be processing the applications for the skilled positions, if it is to support an application for Permanent Residence or for Dual Intent.