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Relief in the Travel Restrictions to Canada

If your application for a temporary resident (visitor) visa or super visa was recently approved, it does not necessarily mean you are approved to travel at this time or are guaranteed entry into Canada. However, CIC is processing applications so that one can travel to Canada once travel restrictions lift.

Unless you can prove that you meet the following requirements, you must wait until the travel restrictions are lifted to make plans to travel to Canada:

1. If you are coming from outside the United States (U.S.), you must meet a specific exemption criterion to these travel restrictions.
2. You must be travelling for an essential (non-discretionary) reason.
3. When you arrive, a border services officer will assess the reason for your travel, and they will determine if you can enter the country.Important: If you are an immediate family member of a Canadian citizen or of a Canadian permanent resident, you are eligible to travel to Canada as long as you can prove that you:

1. are an immediate family member of a Canadian citizen or of a permanent resident
2. are staying in the country for 15 days or more. If you are staying for less than 15 days, you will also need to demonstrate that your purpose of travel is non-discretionary
are admissible
3. meet all public health requirements

All travelers are required to provide specific information upon entry into Canada. The recently launched ArriveCAN app which enables you to submit contact information and details of your plan for quarantine.