Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for a Canadian Immigration Visa?

This is one of the most asked Canadian immigration questions. Both federal and Quebec skilled workers, and provincial nominees may receive Canada Immigration Visas; as well as people who have a study and/or work experience in Canada or business individuals under Canada’s economic immigration categories.

Additionally, if you are a close family member of a Canadian citizen and permanent resident, then you may be assigned Canada Immigration Visa via family sponsorship.

Who can I include in my application for Visa?

Candidates must include their spouse/common-law partner/conjugal partner and any dependent children if they are under 22 years in their immigration application. However, if the applicant’s dependent child is 22 and older, then s/he must be a full-time student in Canada.

Dependents will be directed to go through medical exams and security clearance requirements. Note that, if you made a change in your family status following your application has been submitted, this may also affect the processing of your application.

You can not include your parents in your application. Nevertheless, if you are a Canadian citizen and permanent resident then you may be qualified for bringing your parents and grandparents to Canada through one of two current programs: Family Class Sponsorship and/or the Super Visa Program.

How can I find if I qualify for a visa or not?

If you complete and submit an online assessment, we will evaluate it at no charge.

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