What is a Visitor Visa?

Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Visa is an official travel document required to enter Canada as a visitor. The Visitor Visa is usually approved until the validity of the applicant’s passport, but the person can only stay in Canada for, at most, 6 months upon their entry. The entries to Canada during the visa validity period can be multiple. Most travelers require a visitor visa to reach Canada and transit through one of its airports.

Who Can Apply for a Visitor Visa?

You may travel to Canada if you meet the following requirements:
  • In good health
  • Have no criminal records
  • Have enough money for your stay
  • Own a valid travel document
  • Prove to an immigration office that you will leave Canada once your visit ends
  • Show an immigration office that you have ties to your home country that will help you reach back home
  • You may pass a medical exam or need a letter of invitation from someone living in Canada
You are not allowed to apply for a visitor visa if you have:
  • Records of criminal activity
  • Violated human rights
  • Organized crimes

Canadian Super Visa for Parents: What is it?

It is also known as the Parent Visa in Canada or the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, this visa is considered among the Temporary Resident Visas. It permits direct relatives to visit their children and grandkids for a set timeframe. The kids or grandkids should be Canadian Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens.

 While the Canadian Visitor Visa is utilized only for 6-month entry, for this reason, the Super Visa was made to extend the time that parents and grandparents can stay with their friends and family. The Super Visa permits them to remain for as long as 2 years all at once in Canada with their family if they satisfy the requirements. 

During the time that parents and grandparents are in Canada with the Super Visa, they are not permitted to work. They are just permitted to stay with their family members and visit the country.

What Are the Super Visa Eligibility Criteria?

Since the Super Visa for parents and grandparents permit them to remain for such significant periods, the necessities are additionally broader than the ones for simply the visitor visa.

Super Visa Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian resident or a permanent Canadian resident
  • A guarantee of monetary help throughout your visit
  • Meet Minimum Income requirements based on your family size (LICO)
  • Have Super Visa Insurance from a Canadian insurance agency, that is, have confirmed that the medical insurance has been paid for
  • Have a medical exam performed by CIC panel Physician

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