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Hey there, thanks for visiting your CMS Tutorial guide. If you’ve received the link to this page, it means that you’re on your way to getting a fantastic new website!

The purpose of this page is to help give you an idea of all of the different ways we can layout content on your site. We use a Panel Concept, and you’ll be able to view the various options below.

Don’t worry; we will take care of ensuring your new site is both visually attractive and professional. This area is just a hub to help you during your content creation process. If you have any questions or need a little direction feel free to reach out to your account manager, and they will be able to help walk you through the process!

Panel 1: Standard Panel

Our Standard Panel is one of the most diverse panel options we have available. It can be used to create buttons or links, upload PDF’s and supporting documents or any other information you’d like to place here. 

Button   Button with Icon

The formatting options available here are also complex. We will upload all of the options so that it’s easy for you to use when you’re updating all of your own content. 

Header 6
Header 5

Header 4

Header 3

Header 2

Panel 2: Promo Boxes

Panel 3: Call to Action

Subtext for Call to Action panel is styled like this.

Panel 4: Standard Panel With Tabs

You can put content here and it will appear above the tabbed content. 

Tab One Content

The standard panel tab concept was created to help our users split up content while keeping the page visually enjoyable for visitors. 

  • You can place in bullet points
  • Attach photos and videos
  • Create a table for information

The button tab names can be adjusted, so if you have a wide variety of services your company offers you can place it all on one page and users can easily browse through that information. 

Tab Two Content

They can be utilized in a multitude of ways and can also be customized to fit your brand!

As displayed below, embedding a picture or video is no problem at all and can be a powerful tool to help compliment your content. As with a standard panel adding in links, buttons or directing the user to find out more information is all possible in this panel.

Panel 5: Parallax Panel Insert

This is a Parallax Panel!

This panel type should be reserved for a short eye catching blurb of information. As you can see, the words stay in place while the image scrolls behind it. We recommend around 85 - 100 characters in this section if possible. If you need assistance with a background image feel free to reach out to your account manager and they can help you choose one.

Another great addition is that the parallax panel allows for a button which can be a URL link, a phone number or email. Keep this in mind as it’s great for helping with lead generation! 

A Short Subtitle Goes Here!

Panel 6: Side by Side (Image)

Here is an example of a Side by Side panel with an image on the left!
They are a great tool that can be used to guide the users attention.
You can place information here and also pair it with a relevant picture to display your information.

Alternate Button

A Short Subtitle Goes Here!

Panel 7: Side by Side (Video)

Here is another example of a Side by Side but this time with a video on the right hand side!
You can envision a similar concept as above, but this time you can place a relevant YouTube or Vimeo video here to help users understand the point you are making.

Alternate Button

Panel 9: Promo Boxes (Mini)

The quick, brown fox jumps over a lazy dog. DJs flock by when MTV ax quiz prog. Junk MTV quiz graced by fox whelps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Panel 10: FAQs

Who can I include in my application for Visa?

Candidates must include their spouse/common-law partner/conjugal partner and any dependent children if they are under 22 years in their immigration application. However, if the applicant’s dependent child is 22 and older, then s/he must be a full-time student in Canada.

Dependents will be directed to go through medical exams and security clearance requirements. Note that, if you made a change in your family status following your application has been submitted, this may also affect the processing of your application.

You can not include your parents in your application. Nevertheless, if you are a Canadian citizen and permanent resident then you may be qualified for bringing your parents and grandparents to Canada through one of two current programs: Family Class Sponsorship and/or the Super Visa Program.

Who qualifies for a Canadian Immigration Visa?

This is one of the most asked Canadian immigration questions. Both federal and Quebec skilled workers, and provincial nominees may receive Canada Immigration Visas; as well as people who have a study and/or work experience in Canada or business individuals under Canada’s economic immigration categories.

Additionally, if you are a close family member of a Canadian citizen and permanent resident, then you may be assigned Canada Immigration Visa via family sponsorship.

How can I find if I qualify for a visa or not?

If you complete and submit an online assessment, we will evaluate it at no charge.


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Very professional staff and answer all the queries in easy and efficient manner.

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Panel 13: News Panel

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Google ReviewsBased on 726 Reviews